The Earth Has No Sorrows

The quote “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal,” was originated by Thomas Moore, in a song he wrote in 1816.  More recently, this quote is used in David Crowder’s song, “Come as you are.” Even more recently, a friend of mine used this quote, combined with her artistic ability, and created a framed keepsake that brings comfort.

Many have thought this quote was from the Bible, but it is not.  However, it is a perfect summary of a combination of several scriptures.  The following is my expansion of the quote, and I hope in some way, it helps with your process of healing.

As we walk through this journey of sorrow,

It’s hard not to question why.

And the dreams of unlived tomorrows,

Creates unwelcomed tears from our eyes.

But the promises from our Master

Of strength, grace, and light,

Will bring joy in the morning

And take darkness out of the night.

So, when our soul becomes weary,

To our Savior, let us kneel

For earth has no sorrow

That heaven cannot heal.

Lord, thank you for heaven. Thank you for your comfort, for it is only You who can take darkness out of the night, renew our lives, and restore our souls. Father, we ask for Your help. Put us in a position to receive all your promises. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 119:28, Revelation 21:4, Matthew 5:4, Romans 8:18

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Tanya Magnus

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