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Recently, the church that my family and I have attended for 30+ years, celebrated 40 years of worship and service in our community. The weekend of the celebration was electric in scope, moving, and thought-provoking. It has sparked some great conversations of memories shared and reliving the legacy that began when seven families were called in obedience to start a new church for young families.

Seeing the timeline of growth and change on the screen, the evolving of the tiny bait house beginnings to the multi- campuses, and the progression of puffy dresses and big hair and suits to more casual attire, was a fun walk down memory lane.

However, the most striking of all the looking back was the faithfulness. The seven families certainly had no idea of the legacy and longevity of the church they had been called to be a part of so long ago. And, of course, the steadfastness of faithfulness of God. He took ordinary people and gave them a heart for others. They faithfully followed the vision of serving others in our growing community, and in time, around the world. God gave wisdom and a vision to a young pastor who faithfully led with a servant’s heart. God built the faith of the people with His faithfulness to them.

All of this has made me reflect, and thank God, for the gift of faith and the blessing of life in Him and with Him. Sharing life with like-minded people, seeking to share Christ in a lost world by serving others, and living out the hope and love we have been shown by the work on the cross, is what makes life beautiful, and worthwhile.

Looking back, 40 years have gone by quickly. And yet, when the Lord builds the house, it has been His plan since long ago. May His people continue to love others, as we choose each day whom we will serve. May God’s plan stay our focus, to the blessing and joy of others in the next 40 years.

God calls us to community. He knows how much stronger we are when we are together. Take that first step. God will meet you there, and your joy will be complete.

Tanya Magnus

Tanya Magnus

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