After it Breaks –Online Study

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After it Breaks –Online Study

I spent a decade in grief. 

Experiencing many losses at the same time will drive you to your knees in one way or another. I learned the only cure for grief is to grieve. With grief lingering, and becoming an unhealthy filter, I delved deeper into the scriptures to seek God and His guidance. Getting biblical perspective, letting God love me, and people praying for me, got me through a journey that should have taken me out of the game of life. And trust me, there were days I wanted out of this game. But God tended to my wounds, He tended to my weariness, loneliness, my identity crisis. When I started surrendering to God and letting Him hold me, and heal my broken heart, His strength poured down on me.  

Rebuilding after loss is not easy, but it is possible, and God desires you to rebuild. The issue is typically we get stuck in our grief.  And grief is a whole cluster of adjustments, apprehensions, and uncertainties that can stop us in our tracks and drain the life, what we have left, out of us.    

Below is an excerpt from the upcoming 6-week online Bible study-“After it Breaks, Rebuilding After Loss.” 

Grieving the death of someone you loved is the most intense grief, but it is not the only cause of sorrow. You can grieve over the loss of a relationship, a career, health, or a lifestyle. Ask a mom how she feels when she leaves her child on the first day of kindergarten. Or the day you take your mom or dad to live in a nursing home. Grief will pursue us, and we will not be able to avoid it. Shakespeare said, “Each substance of a grief hath twenty shadows.”

A helpful equation, which proves itself daily in all instances is: Change=Loss=Grief

The equation is interchangeable, and one can cause the other:  Loss=Change= Grief  or Grief = Change= Loss

Join me online through Lakepointe Church,  starting Wednesday, May 18th @ 7:00 pm.   Click on the link to register.

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