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In the old days, we had a gadget called a “typewriter.” In high school, the easiest classes you could take were the typing classes, Typing I and Typing II.  I am proud to say I got an “A” in both.  Impressive, right?  LOL   Well, sometimes the fingers get faster than the brain.  As in the case of writing a blog and hitting the “publish” button when you meant to hit the “preview” button.

In our excitement about our upcoming Ministry Awareness Pop-Up on July 14th and writing about the vendors who will be there, we were in the process of editing what you will see next week, and yes, the “publish” button was accidentally pushed instead of the “preview” button.   So, think of this blog as a “sneak peek.”  And thank you for your grace and for laughing with us.

Stay tuned for the actual blog next week!

Have a great 4th of July and thank God for our freedom!

Tanya Magnus

Tanya Magnus

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