Trusting by Sammi Whitwell

A lot of my trust issues are really just control issues. Is that true for anyone else?

Some days I’m holding onto the circumstances of my life with such a firm death-grip that I feel anxious, frustrated, and, dare I say, anguished when things aren’t turning out the way I imagined. Why is it so hard to let go of my futile, false sense of control and give true control over to the One who can actually do something?

Every day I have to ask God to help pry my stubborn fingers off the grip I have on my life. Some days feel overwhelming. Some days I mess up and feel beyond redemption. Some days life hits me with hard things out of my control. On each of these days, I say I trust God, and at the same time I want so badly to control everything in my life. Ultimately though, I have to relinquish my life to the One who can actually manage it. 

And here’s how that happens. Praise every day. When you pray, tell God what you love about His character. Praise reminds us of the truth of who God is. Praise keeps our circumstances in perspective with the One who holds us. Praise helps us focus on Jesus and acknowledge that He is much more powerful than we are. Praise keeps our hearts in the correct posture and helps us open our hands in a position of surrender. Acknowledge that God is the only one who has total control. I trust that this is true, and praising Him reminds me daily to give up my desire to be the one in control.

When I thought, “My foot slips,”

Your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up.

When the cares of my heart are many,

Your consolations cheer my soul.

Psalm 94:18-19


Tanya Magnus

Tanya Magnus

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