Rhythms of Prayer by Crystal Shultz

It can be disheartening when your rhythm of life changes tempo and all of a sudden it’s an entirely new beat you are trying to find. This can happen during summertime if you have school-age kids who are home all the time, or it can just happen during your everyday life throughout the year. You receive an unexpected diagnosis, and now suddenly your time revolves around waiting rooms and appointments. Maybe it’s a new job that requires new hours and a commute that leaves you looking at taillights more than before.

Regardless of why your rhythm has changed, you feel it in every aspect and, especially, in your prayer life. Gone are the days (at least for this season) of sitting down in a nice quiet room with the only sound being your worship playlist and equipped with multiple Bibles, journals, and colored pens to take in all that is poured over you during your time with Him. When you don’t have these precious moments that were once regular, you can feel like you have disconnected from the Lord because your time with Him looks so vastly different than it once did before.

But I want to remind you that your walk with the Lord does not have to look a certain way to connect with Him. Sometimes, with good intentions, we can equate our closeness with the Father with how many hours we are locked away in our prayer closets. I am in no way discouraging time with Him in solitude. We see throughout the gospels that Jesus did this often. We are designed to spend time with Him alone, undistracted, and fully engaged, but what I am suggesting is we hold what that looks like very loosely. Allow His rhythm to override the ritual of prayer.

We carry His presence within us and do you know what that means? We can connect with Him at any time, in any place! We don’t have to run to the temple to pray, we ARE the temple! You will find that He is meeting you everywhere! It’s no mistake that the presence of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, now dwells inside of us, a moving vessel, versus a stationary temple. So, as you find your new rhythm, ask Him “Lord, make me aware of You as I go about my day today” and watch how your prayer life dances to this new beat!

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