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In our recent bible study, we discussed becoming a prayer warrior. The beginning of Colossians 4:2 says to devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. There are several examples of prayer warriors in the Bible, but we focused on Hannah. Hannah prayed with the right attitude and approached God in a spirit of humility.

Hannah was what I call “being in God’s waiting room.” She prayed for years and years for a child. After some time, Hannah’s heart changed, and so did her prayers. They changed from desperately wanting a son to desire a result that would bless God’s people and promote God’s purposes. You see, her cloud of desperation focused her attention on what she wanted more than what God wanted.

Hannah prayed now with a heartfelt request followed by a sacrificial vow that showed her true character, glorifying God. God did hear her prayers for a son, but God is so good and kind to us that His timing is perfect.   So why did He allow her to be in “ the waiting room?” Even though Hannah was ready to be a mother of a son, she wasn’t prepared to be a mother of a prophet!

Samuel was born, Hannah had a son, and God had His prophet! Samuel was a prayer warrior, too!

Prayer is powerful! We have watched Choose to Soar grow 787% in one year, all because of prayer! We have watched women’s lives change because of prayer! And when a woman’s life changes, she will change her family. And when a family is changed, a generation is changed, and when a generation is changed, a culture is changed.

Come to our offices this Thursday, February 15th, 7:00-8:00 pm, and let one of our prayer warriors pray over you. Come to a safe, judgment-free space, and let us lift you before the Lord. Weary leaders of ministry get prayed over, too! There is no RSVP or registration; feel free to walk in.

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