Enough Is Enough by Sammi Whitwell

“Is it possible to have encountered God so richly that no matter what we are working toward here on this earth, we know we already have what we most deeply want–the presence of God, that which can never be taken from us?” – Ruth Haley Barton, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

Is God enough for me?

I want you to take a second and think honestly about your response to that question. I tend to brush this question off by saying, “Of course, God is enough for me.” Then I live my life to the contrary. I run after things and goals before I run after God, and sometimes, I act like God is only enough for me if He also gives me the things I want.


We have to ask and answer these questions with full transparency: Do I want God more than I want to have a successful career? Do I want God more than I want a husband? More than I want a child? More than I want to own a home? More than I want financial security? More than I want ____?

Of all of the things listed above, the only thing God promises us on this side of heaven is Himself. So, is that enough for you?

God doesn’t have to add anything to our lives to make Himself worthy of our praise and devotion. He is enough all on His own. As Tanya likes to say, “God is not something we add to our life. God IS our life. Everything else is added.” We will all get to the point where we need to ask ourselves whether we truly believe God’s presence alone is enough for us. If you are still holding onto anything tighter than you are holding onto Jesus, then you are withholding a part of yourself from God… and He wants ALL of you.

This doesn’t always happen overnight. It’s a process of continuing to take whatever it is you have on the throne above God, praying to God about it, and laying it down at His feet. But when we come to a place where God’s presence is all we truly need, we can finally experience the freedom and peace that God offers to all His children.


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Tanya Magnus

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