Chew Your Own Food

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Do you have someone chew your food for you and then feed it to you? I didn’t think so. Yet, isn’t that the same thing we do when we let someone else constantly tell us about God and what His Word says, as opposed to use reading the Bible ourselves? By listening only to others explain God’s Word, we now have a culture that has told some of the most familiar Bible stories incorrectly. For example, the story of David and Goliath, the fruit Eve ate in the garden and our beloved nativity scene. We listen and mindlessly follow. That is not what God intended by giving us His Word.

The Bible is the chosen instrument to reveal God’s true character. Second Timothy 3:16 tells us, “All Scriptures is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”  The Bible originated in God’s mind, not in human minds.

All this to say,  “Nothing in this world will make you feel significant, whole, give you hope, comfort, encouragement, and feel unconditionally loved, like the living Word of God.”

In two weeks, we will have our One-Day Encounter: Learn to Love the Word. This training will teach you how to read the Bible. Personally, when I changed my priorities and started spending time with God Himself, He changed me. You can’t help but be changed when you are in the Presence of the Lord. And the Bible is His direct Word to us.

Don’t just take my word for it; below are a couple of testimonies from our last Encounter.

“God’s Word really is alive! I have fallen in love with reading the Bible and seeing and hearing God for myself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” —Anonymous

“I can’t believe I have been in church my whole life and was never taught to read the Bible like this. I am forever grateful for this training!” —Anonymous.

Spend a Friday evening and Saturday with us in Rockwall, February 23-24, and become a woman of the Word. To register, go to One Day Encounter Weekend – Choose To Soar.

Tanya Magnus

Tanya Magnus

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