Within the Sounds of Silence…

Silence. Not really scary. And yet, with everyone being home bound, there is something that troubles us. It’s more than the loss of everything familiar. Most of us once bemoaned the far-too hectic schedules. Now we are all shut-in and cut-off. This is an opportune time to look at what was only a few weeks ago. Yes, many of us will resume most, if not all, of our fast paced lives. So, are we reveling in the slower pace? Some will embrace it wholly. Others will completely rebel at walking instead of racing.
 What is it? Fear, maybe, of sitting still, being alone with their thoughts?  Afraid that the silence will be deafening?
As Christians, we are called to ” Be still”. This is a different kind of stillness, though. As a loner by nature, and one who is consistent in my daily quiet time, this time in history is different. I must choose to be still and be silent, to listen. ” What are you saying, Lord?”  Am I truly listening?   “Of course You are speaking. You always are, if only I would hear. “
There is much to hear in our quieter world. Much to learn, about ourselves, life, God. If we will listen, in order to really hear, without fear, but with faith, the One who loves us more than we can imagine will speak. And real strength, real life will be found, within the sounds of silence….
Heavenly Father, lead us to a place in the quiet of our days. We want to hear from You. Help us to feel the blessing of slower days as we trust in your plan. You are for us, so nothing can be against. Teach us what is truly important, so that this time in our lives will make an eternal difference. We praise you and thank you for this amazing gift. We love You! In Christ’s Name, Amen
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Tanya Magnus

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