Untold Days

Untold Days by Lynne Freauf

Everything about Jesus is perfect. The way He lived his life, certainly. The men that He chose to be his disciples were perfect examples of ordinary people. These men had vastly different backgrounds, talents, and personalities. Jesus chose people just like us.
These men were not chosen from a pool of CEOs and PhDs. Their faith was fragile at times. One denounced his Lord, and one completely turned on Jesus. That could be any of us at one time or another.
When Jesus and his disciples traveled from one town to the next, there was days of walking. Most likely they talked together, and listened, and pondered the words from each other, but especially Jesus. There were times of silence, perhaps just soaking in the presence of Jesus. Mostly, these untold days of their lives were lived in community. In worship. In time spent together. Most certainly not at a break-neck pace.
So much can be learned and replicated from these who were chosen, and the call on each life. Is Jesus the focus of my life? Am I racing from one thing to the next, adding in God where I can? Or is God my life, and all else is added to it? Am I spending time, each day, to read and study and pray? Is my light bright enough to reflect God into a dark world?

“Lord Jesus, I want to live my life in You, for You. May my days be spent seeking You, to know You. Apart from You, I can do nothing. Strengthen me, Lord. Help me to be wise in how I spend my time. Nothing is as important to me as You are. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. May my light so shine before men, that they glorify You.
In the beautiful Name of Jesus. Amen”

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