Hopefully, you have heard about the revival happening at Asbury University in Kentucky by now. The spark of this one school has started an awakening that is spreading to other universities. Denison Forum has an article about this awakening that is must-read. Asbury revival draws massive crowds, spreads to 20+ colleges (

Spiritual revivals often begin with a leader recognizing a nation’s spiritual dryness. I don’t know who had the vision to start this revival at Asbury, but I can tell you it wasn’t just one person who God worked through. Often God will use a person to express the vision and then others to turn it into reality.

I have friends who work with BWFLI, Breakfast with Fred Leadership Institute, Their mission is to carry on Fred Smith Sr’s belief of the strength of students on America’s Christian college and university campuses. These women and men have poured into Asbury University and have planted spiritual growth and leadership seeds in the students and staff. Encouraging and inspiring others create teamwork, and together you can accomplish God’s goals. Planting seeds make a difference and can ignite a revival.

Nehemiah started a revival by having a great burden for the shame of Jerusalem’s broken-down wall. In those days, the walls were essential as they offered protection but also symbolized peace and strength of the city. God gave Nehemiah the vision to rebuild the walls. And Nehemiah led, equipped, and empowered people to rebuild the walls, and they did it in 52 days. This spark started the reforming of the people. God did enable them to rebuild the wall, but it was the rebuilding of their lives He was after.

God created each of us differently, and there is a place for you in God’s work. Let God start a revival by keeping your eyes on Christ and understanding Dr. Denison’s statement: “True revival begins when we want more of Jesus than we have.”

Heavenly Father, ignite our faith, and may revival start in our own home. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Tanya Magnus

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