Remnants and Thread

 Remnants and Thread

As someone who loves to sew, give me a few remnants of fabric and some thread, and I am happy! I love looking at a stitched creation, recognizing the jumble of knots and unfinished seams on the inside, and the beauty of the finished creation on the outside.

The word for remnant in the Bible, yether, means “what is left”. It came to mean the spiritual kernel of a nation who would survive God’s judgement and would be left to become the new people of God.
In today’s verbiage, a thread is a connection on social media that brings people together for information, or fun.

God’s Word is indeed a thread, connecting us with Him. We can know Him and draw closer in that knowledge. Jesus connects us to Himself in such a personal way through His Lordship and salvation. The gift of the Holy Spirit is the thread by which we are connected to the Father and the Son. 

The Bible tells us that “now for a brief moment God has been gracious to leave a remnant of his people, giving us a firm place in his sanctuary. He gives light to our eyes and a little relief to our bondage.”  Ezra 9:8

For those of us in Christ Jesus, God has left us here for such a time as this. Our strength is in connection with each other, held firmly in place by our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He will never leave nor forsake His children. We are His beautiful creation.

Heavenly Father, sometimes it seems we are all alone in this upside-down world. Thank you that that is not truth. In You, I am never forgotten, never disconnected. You can pick up the pieces of my life and make something worthwhile. Thank you that I am not powerless. The power of the Trinity is from the riches of your hand.
To You be all glory! Amen.

“In that day the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown, a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people.”  Is. 28:5

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