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This weekend is Choose to Soar’s Encounter Weekend- After it Breaks, Rebuilding After Loss.  We do six different Encounter Weekends throughout the year.  All are equipping weekends presented “retreat style.”  However, this particular training weekend is a little different in the sense of the subject matter.  Rebuilding our lives after a loss is something we all will go through.  But what most discover is trying to rebuild with unprocessed grief is really not “rebuild” it is only “repair.”

The death of a loved one is not the only loss you grieve.  Some examples of losses we should process that we might not label as something we should grieve would be:

Physical ability

Childhood trauma’s

Transitions to new roles, places, and responsibilities.

Death of a Dream

Loss of home, or finances

There are layers to every loss. And unprocessed grief will come out eventually, and when it does, it will not be pretty.  It comes out in the forms of health issues, anger, guilt, anxiety, emotional anesthesia, and a hypersensitive state of mind, just to mention a few.

So why don’t we process our grief?  Well, one, because it is hard. It takes effort and to be honest, most don’t know how to process grief and why it matters.  It matters because living in freedom is life-changing. Jesus went through a horrific death for you and me so we could live in freedom with our brokenness and sorrows without being chained.

There will always be suffering, sorrow, and pain, while we are here, and since that is the case, shouldn’t we learn to “suffer well,” much like we spend time trying to “live well?” Jesus told us in this world we will have trouble. But to take heart, He has overcome the world. Jesus overcame death. So, what does that have to do with you and me processing our loss? Processing our loss can lead us to His peace and His freedom.  It can lead us to who God intended for us to be.

In Mark 6, when the disciples were on the lake caught up in a terrible storm, they didn’t cry out to Jesus. Jesus put Himself in their storm and He is the one that got in their boat.  Jesus wants to be in our storms. But we have got to let Him have a seat in our boat.  Let Jesus in your grieving process so your freedom is not hindered.  Grief blinds us so we are tempted to think God doesn’t even care and He is not a good God.  What a great lie the enemy uses to get us ‘not living” while we are alive.

Your first step to getting “unstuck” in the grief is NOT to run to the arms of Jesus, but to let Him Hold You! When we let go of control over our sorrow, we gain a lot of freedom rest, regeneration, and hope.  God desires for us to simply be carried by HIM!

Father God, we are tired of fighting, chained by our own control. Empower us to surreneder our grief and sorrow to You! Thank you, Jesus, for coming into our storm and being our Anchor, our Healer, and Prince of Peace. In Your name I pray, Amen.



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