Partial Obedience is Still Disobedience by Taylor Williams

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Man, I’m not sure how it is with you, but just typing that headline made my heart hurt a little. I believe the reason is that I unfortunately do this often. Oh, the opportunities I may have missed because I only took a partial step. But even though I make a lot of half-steps, our merciful God will not abandon me. But I’m here to serve as a reminder for you to turn to Jesus and place all of your trust in Him. He has great plans for you. If God has been nudging you to do something and you are either ignoring it or only partially pursuing it, this is your cue to take action and TRUST him.

Priscilla Shier says, “Partial obedience is always a temptation. Our shortsightedness often makes partial obedience appear to be the best, safest, most reasonable choice, but it always leads to future hardship, eventually making our lives more difficult than what they need to be.”

The book of Judges 6 is a great example of how epic God is and how he uses the least of these to carry out His plan. Even though Gideon was a coward of a man, God still used Him, and it took a lot of signs and wonders from God for Gideon to finally say yes… However, he only partially obeyed, and by the end of the story, Gideon had led the Israelites back to worshiping false gods and putting them in a worse situation than they were before… (Face palm). BUT God didn’t stop there; he would soon utilize a shepherd boy by the name of David.

With that said, we must understand that God will strengthen us and will make the most of our simplest efforts. Saying yes and obeying fully is the key. If God has called you to “it,” He will most definitely go with you. As the adage goes, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.”

Lord, thank you for being a gracious God. The fact that you want to use us to advance Your Kingdom, is mind-blowing to me. Thank you for the opportunity to say yes to You.  Lord, strengthen our trust in you.  Lord, we ask for wisdom, and courage as we step into what You have called us to do. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Read: Deuteronomy 31: 1-8

For further study watch the Bible Project video over the book of Judges.

Then, here is a 7-day reading plan by Priscilla shier called Gideon. It’s available on the Bible App.

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