On Cloud Nine

On Cloud Nine…

It’s a popular phrase going back to the 1950s that is meant to bring thoughts of euphoria, bliss, sheer happiness. In meteorology, Cloud Nine denotes a fluffy, cumulonimbus type of cloud that is so appealing in our sky.

What do you think of when you think of the clouds? Being under a dark cloud? A storm brewing? Or clouds heralding in the morning with a gentle breeze? Do you even notice God’s handiwork on most days?

God used the clouds as a symbol of his favor bringing rain to the crops of the fields. He was a pillar of cloud to guide the Israelites during the day. Elijah’s servant saw a small cloud on the seventh trip to search the horizon for the much prayed-for rain. God rides on a swift cloud; Jesus will return on a cloud with power and great glory. Jesus makes the clouds his chariot and will return in the clouds of Heaven.

All of creation is meant for a purpose and given by God to point back to himself. He is the ultimate Provider, whether for life, sustenance, beauty, or pleasure. Whether or not we notice. Everything he creates is part of his plan. That includes each of us.

“Creator God, give me eyes to see the beauty and wonder of your creation. When I see the clouds, help me to drink in your artistry. Use your creation to draw me closer to the One who created everything. I long to submit to your plan for my life, knowing your loving touch. The same power that created all things and rides the clouds is alive in me. Thank you for your beautiful plan.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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Tanya Magnus

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