No Matter What

No Matter What

If you having been walking with the Lord for a while, you may have found yourself in need of a “fresh word” from God. Tests and trials send us to pray for extra encouragement. Some call it a “God wink”.

Just before I received a cancer diagnosis, the Lord kept leading me to verses in the Bible that repeatedly spoke of his peace. Psalm 112:7-8 became my illness “go -to” verse to comfort me, and cover me in God’s peace. This past year left me once again needing something special from God to see me through. And as He does, I kept hearing or reading the phrase “no matter what”. It became my pandemic year “go-to” phrase to remind me of his faithfulness. As we said goodbye to 3 friends lost to Covid,
God reminded me that He is trustworthy, no matter what. As we watched the suffering of so many others, God had a plan, no matter what. As our nation skidded out of control, and life was nothing like normal, I knew that God was in full control and completely able. No matter what. And our Lord is faithful in comforting our family as we grieve the loss of our newborn baby grandson. He is a good, good Father. No matter what. I will never understand all of God’s ways, especially when they are so painful. However, I can be certain that God loves us, and loves his children. He has a plan and it is for our good. Suffering has purpose. His mercies are new every morning. And God is Faithful and True. No matter what.

“Heavenly Father, I am not meant to understand why some trials have come. I know I don’t see the whole picture as You do. Thank you for your Word that gives comfort. I know for certain that You love all your children. You have never left me nor forsaken me. No matter what. Thank you for that. In Jesus I pray and praise. Amen”

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Tanya Magnus

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