Sometimes it is short mottos that can bring my perspective back in balance. Maybe one of the following will be helpful to you before you reach “tilt.”

-Trust Jesus to make bitter things in your life, sweet things! (Revelation)

-Do you want to be healed? (John 5:6) Jesus was assessing this man’s readiness- how about you?

-If you stop building, you spend your life fighting the attack, and you never get back to building. (Fighting against family, faith, etc.) Nehemiah didn’t stop building.

-New opportunities can cause detours- but if faithful to the calling God gave you, then you can turn away from the detours that drain. (Judges 8)

-The treasures found in the Bible are many and typically in layers. Pay attention and read Scriptures in context. What is being communicated vs What is being said.

-Helen Keller was once asked what was worse than being born blind. Her response? “Having sight without vision.”

-Stop anticipating the sacrifice and start anticipating the reward!

“Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinners, SO THAT you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Hebrews 12:3

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Tanya Magnus

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