Loving Well!

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Loving Well!

Every person loves according to their personality and experience.  For example, Mary and Martha, they had similar life experience as sisters, but they are opposite of each other when it comes to personality.  Martha was outspoken, action-oriented, intense, a woman of faith, and all the beautiful characteristics of hospitality and willingness to serve. Mary, her sister, was the quiet one. Mary was a woman of faith who spent time reflecting on moments, as well as hospitable in her way.   

Martha, although intelligent and driven, Jesus knew Martha suffered needlessly simply because of herself.

Mary, although insightful but shy, was not held back from entering a room full of men, to sit at the feet of Jesus. This picture of loving well is important as we are shown this example of Mary’s love three times in Scripture. 

In John 11, Mary runs and falls at His feet and speaks through her tears her only sentence recorded in the Bible, and Jesus comforts her by weeping with her. In another scene, in John 12, Mary desires greatly to show her gratitude to Jesus for His acceptance of her and her love for Him, she uses an expensive perfume to pour on His feet and wipe His feet with her hair. Because of this costly expression, her good intention was interpreted the wrong way, but Jesus knew her motives and defended her.  We see Mary and Martha together in Luke Chapter 10. Luke has Jesus and His disciples unexpectedly stopping by Martha’s and Mary’s house.  Whether it was for a meal, a place to teach, watch football, or The Voice, there they were, 13 men, suddenly in their home.  Martha, having the natural gift of hospitality, now was moving quickly with preparations for a meal. And Mary, who is not helping her sister in the kitchen, is again found at the feet of Jesus, clinging to His teaching.  The thirst Mary had for His words, outweighed her need to accomplish. Mary didn’t want to miss this moment.  Martha missed the moment because of distractions. Mary recognized that Jesus is in her house, with His disciples, WAS a moment to be experienced and remembered. Jesus told Martha He preferred Mary’s response to Him than hers.

Mary loved Jesus well!  

Jesus understood them both and loved them both. But Jesus did want Martha to know what was most important to Him. We have no record of Mary preaching, teaching, or doing any miracles. All Mary did was love the Savior.  

I want to love Jesus well! Maybe you do too.

Heavenly Father, forgive me for being so caught up in distractions that are temporary, with no eternal meaning.  Lord, increase my desire to be attracted to your presence, to your feet of comfort and care, and to worship You as You deserve.  I so desire to have Mary’s passion and conviction to love the Savior in such a way that it overrides all my self-serving needs. Thank you, Lord, for your grace. I am praying in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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