Looking for Love…

in all the wrong places.

Looking for love in too many faces.

A classic country song. Yet, how true for far too many of us.

We look for love, and acceptance, and a deep sense of belonging, in the faces around us. We all have a desire to be loved and made to feel special by another. And that desire runs deep within each of us.

It seems we all want that connection with others that fulfills the place in each heart that says we are adored, that we matter, that we are set apart for a relationship. Yet, we are all fallen, and human, and lacking. We disappoint one another. We hurt one another. So, we keep searching.

Once we accept the Author of the only real Love that can be found, we can allow those around us to be who they are, fallen and human. We no longer need others to be Love to us that only Jesus can be. He alone is the One True Lover of our Souls. He alone is the Perfect Love we so long for, and we can rest in His love. He is the love and acceptance we seek and fills the deepest desire of our hearts.

Have you met the One who loves you perfectly? Who loves you so deeply that He left Heaven to live and die for you? If you know Him, have you gone deeper into an abiding relationship with Him?

Jesus is the only One who can love unconditionally.


My prayer for each of us is to go deeper.  He is The Love of our Lives.

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Tanya Magnus

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