“God did not create you for time; He created you for eternity. Time (your lifetime on earth) provides the opportunity to get acquainted with Him.” Henry Blackaby.

How’s that for an opening line? Those previous two sentences should make us stop for a moment and get perspective. The question I think we should ask ourselves is, where are we investing our time and resources? Matthew, one of the Gospel writers, tells us to not lay up for ourselves treasures on earth, but lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven. Why? Because God wants us to invest our lives on earth in beneficial ways. And because God created us for eternity, He has given us the rescue and redemption plan while we are here.

How do we follow His plan? Again, Matthew tells us, “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” This scripture, Matthew 6:33, is what I paraphrase as, “God is not something you add to your life, God IS your life, and everything else is added.” I know you have heard me say that a thousand times, but if you are anything like me, my mind is so weak and can be off chasing squirrels in a nanosecond, that I need a simple reminder of God’s guidance in front of me.

It is worthwhile to invest in tomorrow; however, we are not to worry about tomorrow! God knew fear would be a constant companion of ours, so He gives us guidance to seek Him first and assurance of His love for us. His guidance, if we listen and obey, will not only fulfill our purpose while here on earth but leads us in the right direction for our lives eternally.

It is my prayer for you and me to CHOOSE to invest what God provides, time, energy, and resources, in His kingdom here on earth and for our eternal home, which by the way, we don’t know when we will be moving in.

It could be today!

Father God, thank you for your guidance and assurance of Your love. Lord, empower us to seek You first in all things and grant us the courage to obey. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Tanya Magnus

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