If Only…

For some, this pandemic has been life or death. Sadly,  thousands have lost their lives or that of a loved one. It has changed everything as we once knew it. Most reports have this way of life lasting for many more months.

As difficult and scary as this has been, we have had some comic relief for our stress. I’ll never put on a robe again without thinking ” Easter dress!”  At the onset of ” shelter in place”, we here in Dallas had weeks of rain. ” If only the sun would shine, we would feel better, ” we said.  Then, ” If only I could find toilet paper, we’d be ok.”  And still, weeks later, ” If only I could get a haircut! ”  was the common lament.

It seems we are always ” almost” satisfied, yet not quite. ” If only I had this, or lived there, or looked like that…”

I heard recently that we are born curiously religious, but incurably rebellious. Creator God has set eternity in our hearts. We innately seek God. Yet, our humanity and fallen nature are rebellious. We so often live with the “if only” mentality, rather than a life of gratitude for our blessings.

Maybe wherever you are today, no matter how difficult or stressful, you can take time to thank God for your blessings and provision. Spend a few moments being in awe of the One who never thought “if only I did not have to die for them” but instead said, ” I will die even if it’s only for that one. ”

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has set eternity in the human heart, yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecc 3:11

Heavenly Father, I can be completely self-centered when things get tough. I know You are with me, and for me, and have given me more than I need. Forgive me when I am ” almost” satisfied, which means that I am not truly grateful for all You have provided. You died for me and were raised again that I might be set free. This is not my home, Lord, and all that I have here is nothing compared to eternity in your presence. Help me to live as the loved daughter of my King.
In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen

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Tanya Magnus

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