Fill’er Up!

Want to know your purpose in life? God’s primary purpose for each of us is to fill us with His love till it overflows onto others.

I am probably going to date myself here, but I remember as a little girl, my parents taking our car to what they called the “Filling Station.” We would pull up, a station attendant would come to the car window, and Dad would tell him, “Fill’er up.” And for about $5.00, that ole burnt red 1965 Ford Galaxy would be able to run for another two weeks.

Obviously, times have changed, but getting filled up to be able to work properly, is still what is needed. This “filling” not only applies to many of our necessities in life but our hearts and minds as well.

Margie Green, Teacher/Trainer extraordinaire, will be “filling up leaders” at our February 8th training. Margie will be discussing how imperative it is for influencers to have more to impart than knowledge. She will be teaching fresh new ways to look at our priorities and the impact it can have on ourselves and those we influence.

Come invest a Saturday morning with us to be equipped, empowered, and encouraged to be the women of influence God intended you to be. Choose to Soar Women’s Leadership Training on February 8th, held at Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, Tx. Register here.




Tanya Magnus

Tanya Magnus

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