Encountering Egypt

Encountering Egypt


The book of Exodus records the events of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and its development as a nation. Moses, the author and one of the main characters, encounters God in the flames of a burning bush and obeys God’s command to lead His people out of slavery in Egypt.  Now, when you read chapters 3 and 4, you will see this isn’t a quick chat with the Lord, this is a full-blown discussion. Moses was resisting the Lord’s divine call and literally arguing with the Lord.  

God created Moses to be the deliverer for the Israelites. He prepared Moses, called him, and sent him. God wanted his chosen people to live in freedom, out of bondage. God desires the same for us today, to live in freedom, out of our self-inflicted bondage.  He sent Jesus to be our deliverer! Jesus’s death and resurrection have allowed us to live in freedom and given us immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. 

We all have an “Egypt”. You may feel like you have entered an “Egypt” when you experience a loss.  Suffering can make us feel like we are in bondage, with no way out. It’s one thing to mourn for a season, it’s another thing to chain yourself to that season. Sometimes it is just easier to “stay stuck” because you don’t have the effort to try anything to unlock the chains, so to speak.  I get it; I have been there. 

But think of it like this; you are in a 12 ft Jon Boat on the ocean.  You are sitting there, and a storm hits, with wave after wave hitting the boat. Every wave throws you from one side to the other. You get back on your seat, feel like you have your balance for a second, then here comes another wave.  And there you go again, slammed up against the metal side of the boat, then back to the other side. Again, you sit back on your seat, now you are gripping the sides, trying to brace yourself, but here come the waves again, you are not strong enough to hold on. Instead, you are tossed to the front, then to the back of the boat.  You get the picture. This is bondage. This is not freedom.  Here is the key: You turn around in the boat and see the motor.  The motor produces power, and all that is required of you is to start the motor and it guides you through the waves- slowly- but you are moving forward handling the waves as opposed to being hurled all around in the boat.  

This makes me think of Jesus as being our deliverer through our sorrows. Jesus helps us go through the storms. He wants us to encounter Him in our “Egypt,” keeping our minds on things above.  We experience and encounter God through our trials.  

Choose to Soar has an entire weekend in October dedicated to guiding those who have experienced loss, whether the loss is from divorce, death, ability, or other transitions, God wants to renew and restore us, along with helping us rebuild our lives.  I am thankful for Jesus, our redeemer, our deliverer.

For more information on the encounter weekend- After it Breaks, Rebuilding after loss, click on link www.encounterweekends.com 

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