Draw Near

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

Christmas is coming and many of us are busy getting ready for it! It is a busy time with shopping, cooking, decorating, and wrapping presents. There will be time for parties and get-togethers with families and our friends.

It should also be a time for us to grow closer to God.

Most of us know that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” but we can very easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays without truly spending time growing closer to our Lord.

His presence is always available to us. He willingly and patiently waits for us to open our hearts to Him and what better time to do that than now as we celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

We can do this by meditating on His Word, by praying, by serving others, and by spending time praising Him. Even just 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference in your relationship with Him!

One of my favorite ways to grow closer to Him during this season is by attending Candlelight Services with my girls. Every year we make time in our schedules to come together and attend this special service. We love spending this time together praising our Lord, reflecting on His promises, and celebrating the birth of our Savior!

As you gather with family and friends, I pray that you truly get the most out of this time of year, that you experience His Joy, and that you spend time in His presence.

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Tanya Magnus

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