Close the Gap!

Last Saturday morning, at 6:55, I was in the drive-thru lane to get coffee. Surprisingly enough, so were several others. There were several cars in front of me before it was my turn to place my order. As I waited, I looked down at my phone to pull up the app to see if rewards and to use for scanning. During that 15 second pause, the car in front of me moved up, and I hadn’t moved. The young man in the car behind me was not happy and honked his “Close the Gap!” horn. I moved up and “closed the gap” and waited still for my turn to order.

After the initial shock, my first thought might have been to throat punch this guy. I cannot confirm or deny this thought. But honestly, I wondered what was going on in this young man’s life that a gap between two cars would cause him to take it personally. All I knew to do at that time was to pray for him and buy his coffee.

Our “gaps” in life can cause us unnecessary stress. I am talking about the gaps in our character. For example, when we realize what we say and what we do, is a gap. Or the gap between our reputation and our reality. Or maybe the underlining frustration is the gap between where we once were in life, and now where we are.

Ask yourself if these “gaps” could be what is making you short-fused and in a state of aggravation. Being aware is always the first step. Then pray for the Lord to help you see the “gaps” in your life.

Prayer can give you;

Peace to face reality.

Strength to move forward and be an overcomer.

Rid you of your insecurities so you can live and suffer well, having God’s confidence.

Father God, thank you that you for your patience and your compassion. Father, help us to have a great desire to come to you with our heartaches and pain. Help us to lay them down and gain your strength and help us to “close our gap’s” of living outside your ways and will. Your Word tells us we can live and suffer as overcomers if we believe Jesus is Your Son. That your commands are not burdensome, but because you love us so and want us to be “fully alive.” Help us all to turn to You in prayer and watch You be the great “Gap closer.”

See 1 John 5:1-5

Tanya Magnus

Tanya Magnus

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