An Encounter on the road to Emmaus

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An Encounter on the road to Emmaus

This past weekend we celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus, the foundation of the Christian faith.  I am hopeful many people are still thinking about what happened that early Sunday morning, over 2000 years ago.  I bet it is safe to say not many people are thinking about Cleopas and his friend, whom Jesus met on the road to Emmaus after He rose from the dead.

Jesus first appears to Mary Magdalene, which makes sense to me.  Then Jesus appears to Mary, the mother of James and Joseph, and other women.  Next on Jesus’ list is to appear to Peter, and then, He meets the two disciples going to Emmaus. But why does Jesus choose to reveal who He is to those two men?

Don’t you think part of the reason was to again confirm Jesus died for all people? These two guys just knew He was the long-awaited Savior, but they were not “important” men either. When Jesus meets them, they seem to have lost hope, but the conversation Jesus has is all about the scriptures, and the fulfilling of the prophecies. However, the men, at this point, still are kept from recognizing Jesus.

I think at one time or another we find ourselves on our own road to Emmaus. Being in the depths of despair, hurting, not understanding why God isn’t showing up to help us. These two followers were confused and hopeless. So why didn’t Jesus reveal Himself immediately to them? 

This is how sweet our Savior is; He wanted them to see His truths, promises, and prophecies of the Old Testament, to ground their faith. Jesus didn’t just want them to see Him and be excited but to provide a strong foundation of faith so they could persevere in the storms of doubt, despair, and discouragement. 

I know sometimes I am like Cleopas, and I focus on my storm and not my Savior. And that focus tends to give me memory loss of who I have with me, and in me, at all times. 

Jesus didn’t’ die on the cross for us, He died instead of us. He will never abandon us, He can’t, it’s impossible. Jesus died to be in us, to give us life to the fullest. The sacrifice of Jesus gives each of our lives great meaning! All we do on our part is believe and accept Him. Out of a grateful heart comes obedience to God. 

Later, at dinner, Jesus opened the eyes of these men and revealed Himself to them as the resurrected Savior.

Maybe ask Jesus to guide you through the Scriptures too. As you read His Word, hold tight to His promises and let your faith be grounded as you travel your road to Emmaus.  

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