Praising-The Old Fashion Way

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It has been many years ago that I picked up a Hymnal for $5.00 at a store that sells used books. This purchase has served me well. The Hymnal is divided into sections; for example, there are songs about “Jesus our Savior,” “The Holy Spirit,” “Life in Christ,” “Prayer and Praise,” and many more. I love this! I have used this Hymnal to write the lyrics down to songs that worship Him, that declare His salvation, and mercy. As well as when I can’t find the words to lift my sadness or oppression, I pray the words written from a hymn.

This past weekend, Choose to Soar met with women from all walks of life, experience, and ages, to equip and empower them to be all God intended. God’s goodness and faithfulness were felt and praise is on our lips. As I praise Him, it leads to wanting to praise Him more. This is where the old hymns come into play for me. I start singing, “Blessed Assurance,” Great is thy Faithfulness,” and many more.
Praise Powers our Perspective! Praising God welcomes His presence in our midst. Praising God is not because He needs His ego boosted. Praising God gets our hearts refocused and gives us perspective for our heartaches, for our lives. Praise is the means by which God transforms our lives. And we praise Him with a committed heart of love and reverence for Him.

-Praising God gets our focus on God, not ourselves.
-Praising God reminds us we are not in Control.
The thought for many is to add “more God” to their lives. Go to church more, or give more, etc. But the perspective change is—

God is not something you add to your life…… God is your life!
And everything else is added.

-Praising God can push back the darkness, lift depression, and will defeat our enemy.
-Praise is Power to Perceive and Receive His Peace!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Spend more time praising the One who is in control instead of praying for what you want, and watch the transformation begin.

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Tanya Magnus

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